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20th May 2018

Travel Insurance can help cover an array of things. For example: medical costs, trip cancellation, lost luggage and damaged / lost valuables. If you take out travel insurance prior to your trip it can help protect against these occurrences. If you don’t take out travel insurance any unfortunate event could cost you a fortune. 

Many people don’t think that travel insurance is important and you may question whether you even need to take out this insurance before going on your trip. On the other hand, some people see the importance of it but still won’t purchase any insurance due to the cost. 

Do I really need travel insurance?

Personally, I’d say yes!

It’s not only a little bit of reassurance for you if anything happens, but it will also bring down the costs of any medical expenses.

Don’t be fooled thinking the cost of hospital care or treatment will be affordable. It may be, however often if you aren’t a resident in that country the prices are extortionate! Additionally, in certain countries hospitals may actually turn you down if you don’t have any travel insurance. 

You may also think there’s no chance of you going to hospital. Hopefully you won’t! However, to be on the safe side it’s worth the purchase. You never know if you’ll hurt yourself during an activity such as skiing, surfing or hiking. Additionally you could catch malaria or be bitten by a wild animal and become infected. 

There are so many unexpected circumstances that could occur, therefore I would make sure you are extra prepared and take out travel insurance!


Please note: If you have a medical condition or are carrying prescribed medication, due to something such as an allergy, then I would definitely suggest that you purchase travel insurance.

If you haven’t gone through the process of getting travel insurance before you will be asked a number of questions and have to go through a medical screening.

Tip: When going through the medical screening make sure you declare everything correctly, including any medication you are taking or prescribed. If you don’t then you could void your insurance!

You will also be able to add on extras to cover you for different countries or activities. For example, if you’re going to be doing water sports you would be able to add that into your insurance. This would ensure that you’d be covered for any accidents that may take place whilst participating in water sports.


Majority of travel insurance companies give you the option to purchase an insurance that will cover you for a year. Or if you are only going on one trip then you should be able to take out a one trip policy that will cover you for the days of your trip only.

Make sure you read the small print of you policy details before purchasing to make sure not only that all the details are correct, but also to ensure you’re covered for everything you were expecting.

There are so many travel insurance companies out there. I’d recommend getting a quote from a few to see which suits you best. They all completely vary and change in price depending on medical history and what you’d like to be covered for.

Disclosure: This link below is an affiliate link, I will earn a small commission if you purchase through the company at absolutely no extra cost to you! 

Journey’s Travel Insurance

Journeys Travel Insurance is one of the leading travel insurance providers in the UK and was established in 1991.

Below you can see some more information on why to choose Journeys as your insurance provider.

Journeys Travel Insurance

Journeys Travel Insurance

If you’d like to have a look at their insurance and get a free quote use the link below:
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    Travel insurance is very important because this moment allows you to find peace of mind because you will not worry about various trifles.

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