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St Lucia – Hippo & Croc Cruise

25th May 2018

If you’re staying in St Lucia, I would suggest going on the hippo and crocodile boat cruise in the St Lucia Estuary. Hopefully, you will end up seeing a lot of the local wildlife too. The cruise lasted for around 2 hours and allowed for many close up views of the hippos and crocodiles. If you own a pair of binoculars make sure you bring them with you, especially if you’re interested in spotting all the different types of birds that live here. One type you may spot are weaver birds. The male weaver bird builds multiple nests, within the reeds of the estuary, for their female companion to choose from. She chooses the best one before then destroying the others. Savage!

In Africa Hippos kill 2,500 to 3,000 people per annum and are classed as the most dangerous animal in Africa!

The crocodiles were harder to spot on our tour, however as you can see from the picture above we managed to find one hiding just past the reeds. Crocodiles are also deadly animals are kill around 2,000 people per annum (in South Africa?).

Whilst you are in the area you could visit, the iSimanagliso Wetland Park. This is home to many different Wetland birds, crocodiles and sometimes leopards are spotted on beach. We spoke to some locals who told us the leopards can be spotted at around 4pm on most evenings, however it was very windy when we went so they were not in sight. There is a board walk through the wetland which is where I first came across the sign below. Definitely is not something I’m used to seeing in the UK!

Once reaching the other end of the board walk we met a group of locals who were selling handcrafted wooden souvenirs. They were crafted so intricately and are a great thing to buy to not only remind you of your trip to St Lucia, but also to support the locals.

During our stay in St Lucia we stayed at Flamingo Holiday Apartments. They have multiple apartments on site, so can cater for large groups too. It’s also located near a supermarket and a variety of restaurants. We ate at the Reef and Dune twice and ended up ordering pizza both nights as they were so good. Also, in this area at night you are likely to see what they called ‘townies’. These are the hippo’s that live near St Lucia and just wander the streets in the evening!

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