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Creamy chicken and bacon

Yields4 ServingsCook Time30 mins

Keto Info: 68% fat, 2% carbs, 31% protein. (N.B this is just the meat and sauce, it can be served with a variety of things. The pictures below show 2 different options. My preference is to have it with vegetables rather than pasta as it's a healthier option and provides loads of flavour!)

 650 g chicken breasts
 13 g organic coconut oil
 17 g salted butter
 3 unsmoked bacon rashers
 250 g double cream
 35 g spinach
 1 tsp each of paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper
 1 dash each of oregano, cumin seeds, salt, black pepper, chilli flakes

Put the butter and coconut oil into a large pan or wok (I prefer to use a wok style pan). Heat on a hob over a low heat until melted and then take off the heat.


Preheat your grill on a medium setting.


Dice the chicken breasts into the wok, along with the cayenne pepper, turmeric, salt and pepper. Put on a low heat and let it cook for around 5 minutes.


Whilst the chicken is cooking, place the bacon in the grill.


After 5 minutes of cooking the chicken, turn the heat up a little and give it a good stir, you want to make sure it’s all cooking well. Also, now shred the spinach and add that. Mix again. Keep regularly mixing with this on a medium heat for a further 5-10 minutes until you think the chicken is virtually finished cooking. You can check this by cutting a piece of chicken in half and checking that the meat is cooked through and white.


Take the bacon out of the grill and turn over, then place back in.


Now, turn the chicken mix onto a low heat again and add half of the cream and then the oregano, cumin seeds, chilli flakes and paprika. Keep stirring for a few minutes.


Check the bacon to see if it looks cooked, if not it should only need a couple more minutes. Once it has finished take it out of the grill and chop it up into the creamy chicken mix.


Once the bacon has been added, add the rest of the cream and turn up to a medium heat. I like to constantly stir the mixture at this point and I do this for at least 3 minutes so that the cream absorbs all the flavours and thickens slightly.


I would now get a teaspoon and just try a little bit of the sauce to see if you want it to be cooked for a little longer to either thicken it or to heat it up more.


Finally, serve with whatever accompaniment you’d like such as pasta or vegetables.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4