6th June 2019

I visited Malta in the middle of May, which I think is a better time to visit if you prefer places not to be heaving with people! The weather was still great but the hotel didn’t feel too busy or crowded. Also going at the time of year meant hotel prices were a lot cheaper and our room was almost half the price it is in prime summer time.

Malta is such a beautiful place and has such amazing architecture, I would definitely recommend visiting whether it’s to just relax and enjoy the sun or whether you want to explore the island and its surroundings.

Before going to Malta I didn’t know much about the country, the main thing I’d heard was about the drivers being crazy… and they weren’t wrong. Within half an hour of landing we were into a taxi who was driving along at 120 kmh in a 30 kmh zone. Weirdly enough I didn’t feel unsafe – I think he was very familiar with the roads (so much so he’d suddenly break and it soon turned out that’s because he knew a speed camera was up ahead!).

We stayed at the AX Seashells resort at Suncrest and had paid to be all inclusive for the week. The aim of our holiday was mainly to relax, but adding in some time to explore the area too. Plus if you’ve paid for all inclusive you want to make the most of the endless supply of food and drinks!

The hotel had a couple of outdoor pools. The main pool was for any ages and over to one side had a bar area. If you were all inclusive you could keep free scoops of ice cream and food such as burgers here at lunch time as well as drinks. The second pool, which was my favourite, was the adult only pool (18+). This pool was a bit smaller but also seemed to be more sheltered from the wind which was great. There is also a bar here that is part of the Luzzu restaurant. Here you can still get your all inclusive drinks, however any food needs to be paid for.

Things to do:
On our second full day unfortunately it was rather cloudy and slightly stormy so we decided to visit Malta National Aquarium that was a 5 minute walk from where we were staying. It’s safe to say we did walk round pretty quickly, however it was definitely worth the visit.

On one of our other days we wanted to go on one of the boat trips that went to Comino, Blue Lagoon and Gozo. There are so many options of companies that will take you on these boat trips and all offer it for a pretty similar price. We ended up booking with Hornblower Cruises.

We were lucky to be able to get a free of charge pick up / drop off upon booking. The minibus collected us from our hotel just after 9:30am and took us to the jetty at Bugibba where we loaded to boat before the setting off at 10:30am. We set off and headed out to sea and towards St Paul’s Island where Paul in the Bible was apparently left shipwrecked in approximately AD 60. We then made our way towards Comino Island taking in many picturesque views and caves along the way.

Upon arriving at Blue Lagoon it’s safe to say you can see why it’s a popular location. The water was crystal clear for miles! With the option for the boat trip we chose we had just over an hour to relax at the Blue Lagoon. The boat docks at this point and allows you to explore, go for a swim or even use the slide on board the boat.

The tour we’d booked then meant after about an hour here we headed towards Gozo for the next 3 or so hours. We decided to pay an extra 5 euros each in order to get a minibus tour on Gozo that stops in different places such as Victoria, the Inland sea and Ta’ Pinu church.


Due to being all inclusive we didn’t really go out and try food anywhere else, other than on one night. The food at our hotel was great and varied each day. Thankfully you were able to sample some traditional Maltese food from the buffet at the AX Seashells resort. For example, at breakfast everyday there was the option of trying Pastizz (this is a traditional Maltese savoury pastry filled with ricotta). Another popular option in Malta is fish and in particular swordfish. During our week stay at least 2 of the meal times provided a swordfish dish as one of the many options, however I personally didn’t try this!

(Also, in case anyone reading this has a food allergy I was informed to advise whoever was on the door before each meal that we needed to speak to the supervisor or chef so we could be advised on what foods to avoid for my allergies. They were all very helpful and friendly and even approached us towards the end of the week rather than us having to wait to be seen).

On the one evening we decided to go somewhere nearby for our evening meal; we ended up not going to far and literally crossed over the road and went to the Luzzu restaurant. And to no one’s surprise we decided to go for pretty basic (but very tasty) meals.

To conclude, if you haven’t yet visited Malta I’d recommend adding it onto your bucket list!

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    6th June 2019 at 10:19 pm

    Wow great pictures! I’d definitely love to go there now after your lovely recommendations.

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