South Africa

Durban – day trip

24th May 2018

On my day trip to Durban I visited the uShaka Marine World. Here they have a ‘Village Walk’ (which is a large open-air shopping mall), Sea World and ‘Wet n Wild’. You can check out their website here for more information. Due to restricted time we only visited the ‘Wet n Wild’ waterpark. I think it’s more worth the visit if you are travelling with kids as they will get more enjoyment out of it. However, even if you’re in your teens or a young adult you can find something that takes your fancy! There are a range of different slides to enjoy, including the highest slide in Africa. It has an 18 metre drop and is definitely not one for the faint hearted.


Next, we went down to the actual beachfront. I’ve been to many beaches in my life and this one definitely did not disappoint! You get a wonderful view of the sandy beach stretching out for miles. Some locals had created some magnificent detailed sand sculptures on the beach too, however we were warned by locals not to take pictures or look at the sculptures with too much interest otherwise we would get hassled for money. If you are on the beach long enough I would suggest staying there to try and catch the sunset!  

Sunset at Durban Beachfront


Once we’d taken our sunset pictures we made our way to Moyo Ushaka pier restaurant. It was honestly a whole new experience for me, but totally worth doing. You walk along a short pier to get to the restaurant and then we made our way up to the top floor. The building had large glass windows allowing you to get a great 360 degree view (the fact the sun was still setting made the view even more stunning). Because we were part of a large group we had to choose a set menu when we booked, however there were still different options with this which was great. Once we sat down and were waiting for our food the waiting staff came round and offered to do some tribal face painting on us. 

Face Painting

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for… the food. We were brought out Moroccan flat bread drizzled in olive oil whilst we waited, little did we know about the starter that was soon to be presented to us. A large dish was placed in the middle of each table, which just looked like fried vegetables… until you got a closer look. Turns out we had just been served Mopane Worms, big fat juicy caterpillars! It’s safe to say there were mixed views on this dish, some people found it interesting but edible, others not so much. I guess you’ll have to try them for yourselves and then make up your mind! Thankfully we were also provided with Free State sweet potato soup, which was divine!

Mopane Worms

For the main course we were given 2 potjiekos dishes per table: Venison Potjie and a Three Bean Curry Potjie, both tasted amazing and we were certainly glad not to be receiving any more worms! Finally, for dessert we had peppermint crisp cheesecake served with a butterscotch and chocolate sauce. If you like peppermint I would recommend trying this. Once we had finished our food we were treated to some tribal singing and dancing; this certainly added to the African experience!


Note: if you are wanting to try out this restaurant and have any food allergies I would highly suggest contacting them first. Thankfully they were able to cater for my nut allergy which was amazing!

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    review their admission tips
    14th February 2020 at 7:11 pm

    You are a very lucky person, that you managed to make a trip to South Africa. As I know, it is not so popular country among tourists.

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