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Allergy 101

12th February 2020

I’ve grown up with allergies for as long as I can remember so decided to write a book to help those in similar situations, or just inform those of you who are curious.

I provide an insight and real life examples of living with allergies on a daily basis, including practical situations such as being at school, coping in the workplace, travelling and even dating!

Please note: this post and my book have been written from my own experiences as a severe allergy sufferer and I offer my own personal, practical advice from a non-medical background.

‘Do you have an allergy yourself, or at least know someone that does?
I can almost guarantee that everyone of you just answered ‘yes’.
Allergies are becoming more and more common by the day. When I was younger I knew NO ONE else with any allergies. Over the years I’ve come across an increasing number of people who have either always been allergic to something or have now developed an allergy. Obviously, this isn’t a good thing! However, it does at least mean people are more aware of the situation and can better help anyone suffering from allergies.

Throughout my book I also describe more about how to live with allergies on a daily basis as well as through different stages of your life. Some examples include:

  • Food labels – ‘a common mistake among my friends and often myself… checking the labels almost comes naturally to us now but at the same time it’s tedious and it is easy to sometimes fall into the trap of scan-reading it. DO NOT DO THIS!’
    ‘At the end of the day, reading a label doesn’t take long, so spend those extra few seconds to double check. It’s YOUR body and YOUR life you are trying to protect, so protect it!’
  • Food and cooking
  • Restaurants and cross-contamination – ‘I don’t really think people understand how bad cross contamination can be and that it is a big deal, which is where the problem often occurs. A lot of people don’t realise how common it is. Anyone who has worked in hospitality has probably seen it without even realising. But even something so simple like getting an ice-cream down at the beach isn’t as simple as you may think. You have that hard decision of whether to go for cookie dough, white chocolate or, for some of you, the chocolate peanut butter flavour. However, they use the same ice-cream scoop in virtually all places. All they do is dip it in a pot of ‘warm’ water, but how frequently is it really cleaned?!’
  • Drinks – After researching and reading into things I found out multiple alcoholic drinks are infused in nuts. In Allergy 101 I name a couple of well known alcohol brands that aren’y safe for nut allergy suffers. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this until after I’d already some. You can find out the full story within the book.
  • Asthma
  • Hayfever
  • Nuts
  • Making sensible decisions
  • Nursery & School
  • Being in the workplace
  • Dating
  • Travelling and the importance of travel insurance

If you’d like to check my book out please find the link below:

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    14th February 2020 at 9:19 am

    Having an allergy can be awful, as you cannot live your life normally in this case. You will be experiencing many difficulties.

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