About Me

Hey, I’m Chloe and am currently living in the UK. I recently left my 9-5 in order to live my life a little more!

CMyLife365 is a blog about food, travelling and allergies! I’ve been contemplating setting up a blog for a while and finally decided I may as well give it a shot. Below is a little more detail into the 3 main sections of my blog and why I set it up.


I absolutely love cooking, baking and eating so thought why not start writing recipes for the dishes I make. I have tried to cater for people with certain dietary requirements, so I hope you find something you can enjoy. I’ve also set up a ‘dietary options’ section so that you can try and find recipes to suit your needs easily.



Like a lot of people I dream big and would love to visit as many countries as I can. I have dedicated a section of this blog to my travels, including recommendations of what to do in each country.



I have multiple allergies and intolerances that affect my everyday life however, like anyone, you can’t let this stop you living your life. I have posts specifically about allergies and my personal advice. These are suitable for anyone to read whether you are an allergy sufferer yourself, know someone who is or are just curious! I have also tried to link dealing with allergies into my food and travel posts to try and help out anyone in the same boat as me.